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What should I do if the robot stopped entering the captcha and the system stopped ?
If you are not a user and connected for the test, you may have run out of input limit. To renew, go to the "renewal" section and select the sites where you want to continue working.

If you are a user and have received a captcha recognition server for a month, make sure that it has not passed yet, and contact support (blue button at the top).
How much does the connection cost, and what is the size of the subscription fee?
What is the job, what will I have to do to earn money?
What should I do to get started ?
What guarantees are there that after the purchase of a dedicated server , the system will continue to work the same way as on the test server ?
What is your benefit, for what purpose is the recruitment of employees.
Whether there are hidden payments on your site, and whether you need to pay for the opportunity to withdraw the earned money.
Can the extension work in sleep mode, if not, how to disable the transition to sleep mode?
I can't find a link to the robot on the website, where can I download it?
What time does tech support work, what time can I ask for help (working hours)
Windows flew off and I was given a new copy of the operating system, but the browser extension and settings were not preserved. How to restore the extension?
What is a Captcha and a Turing Test ?
What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

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